What to Expect image
Prior to our session, I meditate to raise my vibration allowing me to connect to the spirit world. They use my body as a tool to communicate. First I am able to feel the energy of spirit. Then they begin to send me messages through thoughts, words, pictures, short moving clips ( I love to refer to them as GIFS), sensations on my body, and even through smell. As I get better at my mediumship abilities through practice, the words are turning to phrases, the pictures are getting clearer and the GIFS are getting longer.

During your reading you should expect 3-5 validations. Those are pieces of information that I would have no way of knowing, except through spirit. You will also get messages from spirit based off of what you ask and what they feel is important to tell. Always expect 1-2 pieces of information that doesn't fit. I'm still new at this and my job is to keep my logical brain out of the reading so it does not try to interpret information coming in and altering the meaning. Sometimes my brain will change an image or I don't see the whole picture. Please keep an open and encouraging mind. Be patient with me as I am learning this new communication form.

Thank you for being a part of my spiritual journey.