02 Feb

The first time I intentionally channeled a spirit was for my first assignment for a Mediumship 101 class. I received my partner's name and email address and a document with instructions. The directions were to follow the meditation and see if you gain any information about your partner or their loved ones who have passed away. As soon as I saw my partners name I saw a flash of a horse from the back left hip and tail, the interior of a kitchen washed in green like it had a green filter on it, and the outline of an object that looked like a plant. It was so fast I didn't even recognize that it had happened. I followed the directions on the meditation. I saw the same images again. It wasn't until then that I realized I had seen the images earlier. I kept breathing focusing my mind to be still and then I saw a flash of a car accident. It startled me. That was completely opposite of what I had expected to see. My expectation was a friendly grandma. What was I picking up? I regained my composure and began again. I saw a thin man. Then I saw the abdomen of an animal with white straight fur. Possibly an alpaca, I thought. The next thing I knew it was time to pick my son up at school but things were starting to come in so I asked the spirit to come with me. I had no idea if that would work but I thought I had to try.

As I was driving I heard a voice say my partners name very playfully in a song. "Tammy, Tammy Bo Bammie". Did I just think that thought? Then I heard a phrase of a song that I hadn't listened to recently. The lyrics say "Bright lights big city going to my head". Is that a song from the thin man? Songs rarely get stuck in my head and if the do it's usually just the tune because I can never remember the words. A few moments later I felt something over my neck. I asked him his name and then thought of the saying "Tom, Dick, and Harry". As I arrived at my son's school I thanked the man for communicating with me and told him goodbye. I immediately smelled mint and saw him standing in front of a field (possibly wheat), the warm bright glow of the sun was behind the field and he saluted me in a very casual "tipping of a hat" kind of way. It was the most beautiful image that conveyed love, peace, kinship, gratitude, acknowledgement, and goodbye. It was like the most perfect scene to the best movie ever made. It was in that moment I knew everything was real.

I knew I had experienced something real, but was the man connected to my partner?  The two days between when I channeled him and when I was meeting with my partner felt like an eternity. I was anxious and nervous, but also very curious.  I log onto the Zoom call. I see the background. Her walls are the same color I saw in my vision with the green filter. I tell her I saw a horse. She beams with joy! "That is my beloved horse Candy! She comes through in all my readings!" (Wow I thought to my self) I tell her I saw her walls in a sage filter. She says her walls are sea foam green. ( I think wow I really need to learn my color names better because I'm seeing the same color.) I tell her about the white animal. She says it's her dog that passed away. It's a breed that I wasn't familiar with that has a coat like a German Shepard but is all white. Then I tell her about the car crash and the thin man. She said "That's Larry!" (I'm pretty sure at this point I'm having an out of body experience and my mind is blown into 1000 bits 🤯) 

She said he died in a car accident driving home at night. I tell her about the playful name song. She said he was very playful and was always making jokes. I tell her about the song that was in my head “Bright Lights” she explained that Larry was a rancher and lived in a remote town and loved to drive to the nearest big town and party all weekend then go back to the ranch. I explain the feeling on my neck and she reported he was in a coma after the accident and had a tracheostomy tube. His name was even similar to the names in the expression “Tom , Dick and Harry.” I told my partner I smelled mint and she confirmed he chewed gum everyday. Finally, I told her of the last image I saw of him in front of a field with the glow of a warm sun behind him and how he casually brought his hand to his hat and saluted me. She sighed with emotion and longingly said “That’s how cowboys say goodbye.”

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